Peer Mentorship Program

What Is The Peer Mentorship Program?

The Peer Mentorship Program was designed to help first year delegates transition into the QMP routine. First year delegates are few in number but are an incredibly important part of the QMP community as they are the future of the conference! As a first time delegate it can be hard to integrate yourself into caucus meetings and understand the process of creating and drafting bills.

First year delegates also have the task of integrating themselves amongst a group of predominantly senior delegates, while participating in a very intense conference schedule.

This program was designed to provide first year delegates the resources they need to have an incredible QMP experience, both at the pre-conference stages and in Ottawa. First year delegates will be paired with a senior delegate that will mentor them throughout the QMP schedule. Mentorship pairs will be members of the same political party and will participate in caucus meetings and QMP socials together!

Why You Should Think About Joining!

If you meet the eligibility requirements we strongly encourage you to consider applying to the Peer Mentorship Program!

Helping your fellow Queen’s students and playing an integral role in introducing new delegates to QMP can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Clearly, QMP is an experience you value, seeing as you are returning as a senior delegate! We want to welcome our new delegates into the QMP family by sharing your past conference experiences and offering support whenever needed!

Through your involvement in the Peer Mentorship Program you could make a new best friend or even find a new CoGro Thursday lunch date! The possibilities are endless and at the very least you will have made a difference in somebody else’s life for the better by enhancing their QMP experience! And finally, there will be perks, we promise!

*Eligibility – Have attended QMP at least once prior to this year’s conference.