What Is QMP?

Queen’s Model Parliament is the oldest and largest model parliament in Canada.  It is a completely student run event that attracts upwards of 300 dedicated Queen’s students from across all faculties each year.  Queen’s Model Parliament’s goal is to help foster the young leaders of tomorrow through the use of the Canadian legislature process.  Each year, Queen’s Model Parliament engages this group of dedicated students to come together to form political parties, run for government, draft bills, and finally debate these bills on the floor of the House of Commons. Queen’s University holds the great privilege of traveling to the House of Commons, the heart of Canadian federal politics for three days in order to engage in their debate every year.  This non-partisan event engages these young leaders with our legislature process, taking this important process and allowing students to understand it in an interactive way.  With the support of diverse faculties, esteemed speakers, and dedicated students alike, each and every year the Queen’s Model Parliament executive are honoured to continue this lasting tradition that has truly become an institution at Queen’s University.

Dates of conference: January 30-31

Contact us with any questions at qmp@ams.queensu.ca