About Us

Our Philosophy

After seventy years, Queen’s Model Parliament (QMP) continues to be one of the most successful and highly anticipated conferences at Queen’s University. The passion and dedication of students, combined with inspirational speakers and generous partners, allows QMP to provide its delegates with a truly unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else. By participating in the conference, delegates join the QMP tradition of forming political parties, drafting legislation, engaging in debate and taking a strong, if sometimes satirical, position on pressing and contemporary issues.

Every year QMP strives to achieve new levels of excellence to keep the conference exciting, and this year will be no different. QMP gives students a channel to express themselves while exploring the heart of our legislative processes, and following the lead of many prominent Canadian leaders. Consequently, QMP is continually committed to offering a remarkable experience to our delegates while also seeking to maximize our the involvement of our Guest Speakers’ and Corporate Partners.

Whether you are a delegate, a Speaker, QMP Alumni, or a Sponsor, we hope to see you at QMP and look forward to sharing this incredible opportunity with you.

Conference Overview

For over seven decades, Queen’s Model Parliament (QMP) has been one of the most popular and highly anticipated events amongst Queen’s University students. Established in 1947, QMP was held in Queen’s University’s historic Grant Hall for many years. In the early 1990s, QMP was honoured with the opportunity to move the conference to the House of Commons, courtesy of the Hon. Peter Milliken.

Every January 350 Queen’s University students from a variety of faculties fill the seats of our Members of Parliament and distinguished journalists in the House of Commons. Whether they are directing speeches across the floor or jotting down notes from the Gallery, as delegates of QMP have left the classroom and shed their books for the incredible experience of debating current issues on Parliament Hill.

In the months leading up to the conference, QMP delegates form political parties, elect leaders, engage in debate and draft bills. These bills are prepared to be debated in the House of Commons and cover topics that reflect the current needs of our society.

Entirely student run, Queen’s Model Parliament is a unique conference that allows students from a variety of disciplines to explore the issues Canadians face on a daily basis. QMP aims to give delegates the chance to explore Canada’s legislative process in the presence of many notable political figures. Members of Parliament, Justices of the Supreme Court and prominent members of Canada’s journalism scene join the conference to preside over debate as Speakers of the House of Commons. Many notable politicians, journalists and Queen’s University Alumni also join the conference as both Keynote Speakers and distinguished guests at both the Annual Wine and Cheese Soirée and the spectacular Final Gala!

QMP delegates have used their experiences at the conference to become Rhodes Scholars, distinguished entrepreneurs, academics, political figures, and other prominent members of Canadian Society. The Honourable John Baird and the Honourable Peter Milliken are two of QMP’s most distinguished alumni that inspire our delegates to participate in Canadian politics!