Queen’s University has a long history of attracting a collection of distinguished Guest and Keynote Speakers. Guest Speakers at QMP act as the Speaker of the House of Commons for each sixty minute bill reading. Following debate on each bill, Guest Speakers have the opportunity to address the delegates on the topic of their choosing. Keynote Speakers are invited to the Queen’s Model Parliament Final Gala to deliver a Keynote address to conference delegates and distinguished guests. The Keynote address is one of the most highly anticipated events at QMP.

Being A Speaker

Speakers at Queen’s Model Parliament are given the unique opportunity to act as a guest speaker and share their thoughts with over 300 delegates, as well as serving as the Speaker of the House where they will preside over debate of a bill.

In advance of the conference, delegates form parties and draft bills on a diverse range of subjects. As the Speaker, it is your duty to call the House to order, maintain decorum, and then call the vote.

Each year QMP invites honoured leaders, journalists, and members of Canadian culture as guest speakers, who will not only share their personal experiences, but who will preside over the House as Speaker of the House of Commons during debate on a bill presented by our delegates. Then, delegates have the opportunity to present speeches and debate in front of the Speaker, followed by a question and answer period.

Why Speak?

Youth Engagement

Youth engagement is central to the mission of Queen’s Model Parliament – to engage and spark activity within young Canadians. Providing students with a first-hand look at the legislative process where they can express themselves both with creativity as well as with gravitas, is paramount to sparking activity amongst young Canadians.

We believe youth engagement is of paramount importance at all levels of the Canadian political process. Nationally, many young Canadians remain disengaged with their government, a trend we hope to help shift. QMP offers students a first hand opportunity to engage and live the political process. Each year, QMP boasts record numbers of students vying for a seat in the House of Commons, each devoted to taking part in our three-day conference.

Join Other Prestigious Guest Speakers

Should you decide to attend QMP as one of our speakers, you would be joining the ranks of notable past speakers such as The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, The Honourable John Baird, The Honourable Mark Garneau, Rick Mercer, and Andrew Coyne.

Much of the appeal for students comes from engaging with the generous benefactors who flock to the conference each year. Political icons, members of the press, or figures from Canada’s diverse private sector, each brings with them unique experiences and opinions to present to the over 300 delegates in attendance.

QMP boasts an incredibly diverse range of speakers from across sectors. The legacy of the conference has continuously attracted outstanding speakers and built a network which grows each year.

Past Speakers of Queen's Model Parliament